Renew your relationship with food

Services Offered

First and foremost, I offer nutritional education that is personalized for your need.  If you have a health concern or weight loss goal in mind let me know.

An assessment must be taken of each client prior to developing a plan.  This includes a 3-day food journal as well as questions about regular dietary habits, supplements, and medications.  

Your personalized assessment will include:  

1.   Feedback on your food journal...what's good/bad, what you need to add/replace, caloric intake, fat intake, and BMI

2.  Information about what supplements/herbs you can take to enhance your health.

3.  Recommendations based on personal goals...whether that is to be healthier, transition to vegetarian/vegan, help lower blood pressure, help lower cholesterol, help with diabetes, or losing weight.

 Location is not an issue as most of this can be done via internet/e-mail.  Simply click the Assessment link.

Completely customized to your individual needs.

If you would like 'general' information without filling out an assessment, please let me know via the 'Contact Me' link.  Specify what subject matter that you would like information about.  (Diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, protein, vegetarian lifestyle, vegan lifestyle, supplements, etc)


Other Services Include:

Corporate/Group (5+) Classes: Examples may include Healthy Eating, Kicking the Sugar Habit, Benefits of Plant-Based Diet, etc (let me know the need of the group)

Restaurants/Catering Classes:  Menu consultation-Vegan Choices/Availability of Vegan Items, Employee Education

Personal:  Health Coaching based on assessment, Pantry Overhaul, and Grocery Store guidance


Please remember that this is a natural and holistic approach through nutrition and supplements.  No medication is given to participants nor does this take place of any care that you are receiving from a health professional.

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